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The problem in raising funds for sexual wellness

too many men making decisions

People invest in people that they like, or products that they identify with. It’s hard to break this down further, but I’ll try – men invest in other men they golf with, and in products they will use. Since men control a grossly unbalanced majority of the purse strings, they are unlikely to invest in products made for women, by women, that give solutions to problems women have. 

our solution and how it works

about dellacash

DELLACASH is a crowdfunding platform created exclusively for startups by female founders. Our mission is to solve the funding gap in the sexual wellness industry.

DELLACASH will funnel funding to the community that needs it, allowing sexual wellness business and female founders to pitch directly to the people who see a need for their product.

Funding is by way of the DELLA token, built on the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP). Like the style of crowdfunding that we are familiar with today, investors will be able to browse the DELLACASH platform for projects they love, and help fund the project by investing in exchange for a reward offered by the project. Except in this case, the money that they put forward gets them a reward, and our DELLA token.



what is special about dellacash

why you should partake

DELLACASH is a reward-based crowdfunding platform, using our DELLA utility token. Our company is invested in supporting women and the sexual wellness industry. Projects will have to pass through a round of submission before going live on the platform; not all projects that apply will be approved. The DELLACASH team is committed to the success of individual projects.

Our crowdfunding platform introduces a token element and takes away the platform as the intermediary. Project alumni of DELLACASH may also choose to accept DELLA tokens for their services and products, which could increase liquidity of the token.  

DELLACASH allows female founders of sexual wellness products to reduce reliance on traditional methods of searching for capital.


Yes, this is an iTo (initial token offering)


The funding medium on DELLACASH is the DELLA token. To support a project on DELLACASH, investors will purchase their pledge equivalent in DELLA token, which they will then deposit to the project wallet. The DELLA token will also be listed on exchanges, so that it may be used like other cryptocurrencies.

To make this a reality, the first project that DELLACASH will raise funds for will be DELLACASH itself. We are seeking a target of US$435,000 to develop a mobile application, and build a team to select, vet, and assist future projects that come to crowdfund on the platform.

We are raising funds alongside a working platform. That is to say, regardless of funds raised for us, we are committed to an alternative form of fundraising for female founders of sexual wellness products.

The table below lists the breakdown of our ICO capital raise.

Item Cost
Token exchange
Mobile application and platform development
Analyst team (inclusive of a panel of sexual wellness professionals e.g. sexologist, OBGYN)
Operation cost for one year
Legal team
Wages for one year

We will post updates on the capital raise progress regularly.



By buying DELLA tokens, you are helping us to build this platform, to be a part of the first steps towards radically changing the future of sexual wellness for you, and for future generations of women.

Built for you

Built exclusively for female founders of sexual wellness products, by a team that understands and supports women. Get access to our resources for financial, logistical, operational and legal help.

low fees

Our platform charges a flat rate 5% fee, payable only if the project is successfully funded. Our unique offline last mile top up option also allows successfully funded projects 0% fee in exchange for equity.


We allow female founders to pitch directly to the people who need their product. Join us on this revolutionary journey of changing the way female founders raise funds for sexual wellness products. 


Token size and sale

Token cap

The DELLA token is capped to a size of 10,000,000,000 tokens, equivalent to a cap of about US$100 million. Each DELLA token carries a face value of 100 Satoshis at the ICO.

Whitelist position

Depending on the whitelist position, investors will get a corresponding 20%, 30%, and 40% discount on the DELLA token. Individual investors who invest a minimum of US$10,000 will receive a 15% discount.

Initial raise

Our ICO targets to raise US$415,000. After the ICO, the remaining minted DELLA tokens will be used for funding projects that are crowdfunding on the DELLACASH platform. Whenever a project is fully-funded, DELLACASH will burn a percentage of the tokens used to pay for that project to ensure limited supply of the DELLA token.



Traditional crowdfunding platforms act as an intermediary between the user and the project. 


The DELLACASH platform removes the intermediary connection between the project and platform, and uses the DELLA token as a funding medium. Users buy DELLA tokens, choose a pledge amount and send that equivalent in tokens to the projects. DELLA tokens are also listed in the free exchange, thereby allowing for increase in liquidity and value. DELLACASH project alumni may also choose to receive DELLA tokens as payment for their products and services.


First, you will need an electronic wallet that accepts tokens built on the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP). We recommend Badger; it’s easy and quick!

Second, buy as much DELLA as you want using either fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. Just let us know, and we will handle your transaction accordingly!

Third, we drop the quantity of DELLA for you in your SLP-enabled wallet, and you’ve helped change the future of raising funds and awareness for sexual wellness!

Join us in making the change, today.

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12 Oct 2020

Launch of ITO.

01 Feb 2021

Hiring of fulltime analyst and legal teams.

Start further development of DELLACASH platform and mobile application.

"DELLA will change how female founders of sexual wellness products access capital."



The DELLA token is built on the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), and is used as a funding medium for sexual wellness products.


Yes. This ICO will run from 12 October 2020 til 31 January 2021. We are raising capital to build a cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform exclusively for sexual wellness products.

How do i keep updated on your progress?

You may check back here, on this website, regularly as we will be posting updates on our ITO journey. 

will you drop the project if you don't hit your ico target?

No. If we do not hit our ITO target within our stipulated time frame, we will refine our business plan and continue building the platform, with the intention to launch a fully working crowdfunding platform by 1 March 2021.

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