Day one, I'm a wreck

No, okay, I’m not nervous. You’re nervous. I’m excited. Today, 12 of October 2020, I launch DELLACASH. Is this my “Covid baby”? I read so many people say that these days. I don’t know. In the time Covid-19 took to takeover our lives, I’ve had about four babies.

One of them didn’t work out so well, which has also led to DELLACASH. In March of this year, I brought to life a sexual wellness brand, which I was really really excited about. I had found my unicorn; it was small, easy to manufacture, had high profit margins, and it was a non-perishable item. My partner and I put some money in, and voila, less than three months later, we had 1000 pieces of bullet vibrators in a bright orange colour.

I then started to try to promote them on social media, and was surprised to find that I could not buy any ads. The ads were prohibited, even though images for swimwear or jewellery show more skin that my product images do. Nothing against other brands or the imagery they use, it’s just blanketed lazy policing by the social media channels.

Anyhow, to direct traffic to my new product, I learned that I had to create a community and content; I started The Della HQ shortly after, to bring attention to other products in the sexual wellness space. As I started talking to more people, and reading more, I found that I had a particular interest in talking to other female founders, not to compare notes, but really just to see what their journeys were like.

Lightbulb moment

I read about success stories of female founders in the sexual wellness space. These stories are not the majority. Even though 49.5% of the world is female. And sexual wellness is still a taboo subject.

According to the World Economic Forum, men make up 91% of the venture capitalist industry’s executive ranks. Morningstar, a research powerhouse reported that at the end of 2019, 86% of fund managers were men.

I think that it is human psychology to support the people that you like and that you resonate with – men will support men that they golf and rough-house with, and men will support products that men use or relate to.  A report from research firm PitchBook found that in 2017, 98% of funding raised in venture capital backing went to male-founded startups based in the U.S. It happens, but is probably rare that men will line up round the block to fund a PMS mood tracking app or a women-only sexual therapy audio app.

I thought that there had to be a better way for female founders/women to raise funds for their sexual wellness products. 

Let's begin

My better way, my solution is DELLACASH. It is the first reward-based crowdfunding platform exclusively for female founders of sexual wellness products. I hope to take you on this journey with me, and do check back regularly for updates. I’ve said this already, but I truly am horribly excited to begin this adventure. If you know me well enough, and in time you will, I also am slightly impatient when it comes to seeing my ideas brought to life. Being a part of other people’s entrepreneurial journey, helping them fulfil their dreams; maybe I have really found my calling.

Plus, I never believed in unicorns anyway.